Ayurveda believes that we should be very cautious towards the well being of our body and our foremost motive should be to strive for the well being of our body and we shall continuously indulge in the procedures which are helpful in promoting the well being.

    This concern for the well being of our body is shown because ayurveda believes that for the achievement of ultimate motive of human life we need to be healthy.

    There are three main motives of life which a person strives to achieve as per ayurveda:


    Out of these motives the most important is parlokeshana i.e. the attainment of salvation for which it is believed in Ayurveda that once the body is healthy through Rajyogam, one can ultimately attain salvation through meditation.

    For helping in the attainment of all these motives very important to have a disease free healthy body. So to keep one's body healthy is very important.

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    In addition, there are the following conditions which pertain to the malfunctioning of the spinal cord:-

    (1) Slipped Disk or Herniated Disk-

    This happens when the vertebra of the backbone get dislocated. The fractured vertebra could cause an injury to the spinal cord, thus making the portion of the spinal cord permanently impaired.

    (2) Neurodegenerative Diseases

    The neurodegenerative diseases are several conditions that cause serious and permanent impairment of the nerves of the spinal cord (or the brain). These diseases are also associated with loss of memory and dementia.

    (3) Spondolysis

    Spondolysis is the medical term to the pain and stiffness in the joints of the vertebral column. This condition can cause impairment of the spinal cord.


    When we talk about the ayurvedic aspect of treatment of Pakshaghatam (Paralysis), it involves the reversing the causative factor to the maximum extent resulting in restoration of the motor and sensory functions of the brain. The internal medicine boosts the blood supply. Natural antioxidants increase the oxygenation to the brain and decreases cell death.
    The external therapy advances the peripheral nervous system and circulation. The heat modalities maintain the muscle tone and reduce spasms.

    The major group of medications which are used for treatment are:


    Each of our body cell is being provided nutrition through microcirculation i.e.after the capillaries, micro capillaries and then across the cell membrane through the process of diffusion and osmosis. When due to reasons like atherosclerosis, diabetes, and other chronic ailments, the micro circulation is hampered, that results in depletion of nutrients to the cells of that particular organ or tissue of the body. Hence for any kind of medications to reach the affected cell, it is must that the microcirculation to that particular cell is restored and the only way to do that is the usage of Ayurvedic Sratoshodhak Aushadis (Ayurvedic Micro Channel Purifying drugs) and Srotoshodhak Panchkarma Therapies

    Some of these drugs include:

    Some of the panchkarma therapies which are Srotoshodhak include:
    There are other advanced therapies which the paralytic patient is not able to undergo hence these three are to be started in the beginning.

    (2).Vayu Nashak Chikitsa

    Once the Srotoshodhak aushadis restore the micro circulation and the medications can now reach the affected area, the patient has to be provided with Vayu Nashak Chikitsa.
    Ayurveda believes in the concept of Tridoshas, Vayu, Pitta and Kapha. It is believed, that in a paralytic patient it is the Vayu Dosha which is aggravated. Vayu has a property that is causes constriction as a result due to aggravated Vayu, the channels supplying the nutrition as well as the cellular structures like Mitochondria, Nucleus, Ribosomes, etc. which are essential for the working of cell are constricted and are not able to work in a proper way.
    Hence this aggravated Vayu has to be cured which is cured by Ayurvedic medications as well as therapies.
    Vayu controlling medications :
    4.Watt Gajankush Rasam
    5.Watt Kuluntak Rasam
    6.Maha Watt Widhwansam Rasam
    7.Brihat Watt Chintamani Rasam

    Vayu controlling Therapies:
    3.Anuvasan Wasti
    4.Asthapanam Wasti

    (3).Usage of Rasayanams

    As the normal working of the nerves and nervous system is restored with the aforesaid treatment, there is a very major challenge yet and that is that due to non usage, a majority of muscles get degenerated. Now until and unless their normal strength is restored, they are unable to work despite the reason of paralysis already been restored. It is here the ayurvedic Rasayanam drugs come to usage as is said in the shalokam:

    "Yad Jara Vyadhi Nashanam Tad Rasayanam"

    Ayurvedic Rasayanam drugs useful in Paralysis are:
    a)Dhanwantram Rasayanam
    b)Swarna Siddha Makardhwaj
    c)Amrut Jeewan
    d)Dhatu Pushtikar Rasayanam
    f)Dhanwantram 101

    Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapies useful in this condition are:
    f)Patra Pinda Swednam
    g) Shiro Basti

    At this stage however, physiotherapy or Yoga is very essential along with ayurvedic therapies.

    Hence the concept of paralysis treatment at ndayurveda.com an be summed as follows:


    VAYU NASHAK CHIKITSA (Repairing damages which have occured at cellular level)

    RASAYANAM SEWANAM (Restoring the strength of damaged muscles and body tissues with nutritive medications and therapies )

    When the above module is followed properly under the guidelines of an able doctor, results are very quick to come in paralysis patients.